Hyde Park House

 The site descends downhill from the street, with an approximate vertical difference of 3.5 meters. To accommodate this slope, we designed the house across three levels: a lower ground floor for the parents' living space, a ground floor for shared living, and an upper floor for the couple and their children. This layout effectively provides both private and communal areas for the entire family. Only the ground floor and upper floor are visible from the street, blending seamlessly with the predominantly two-story residential neighbourhood.


500 m2 site
Completion Date:
Design & Project by Dian & Cindy









Two existing large trees on the street side initially posed a challenge to the construction. Instead of removing these trees, we opted to integrate them into the design as natural "screens" for the house. The master bedroom was strategically placed behind the trees, with a large opening created where the tree branches act as a beautiful light filter for the house, diffusing direct North-facing sunlight entering the room. 



The view, situated on the South South-east side of the house, is visible from both the ground and upper floors. To capitalize on this view, we incorporated large windows, maximizing both the framed view and natural daylight. Each of the outdoor living niches within the house offers a slightly different experience for the family. The deck on the lower ground floor connects to the rear garden and is shielded by tall timber fences to ensure privacy. On the ground floor, the deck is covered and seamlessly connects to the dining area, serving as an extension of the house for gatherings with friends. Finally, the deck on the upper floor is uncovered, providing a breathtaking panoramic view.











by X Studio Architects


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