Grafton Office

The office renovation of X Studio Architects reflects a sublime fusion of industrial sophistication and raw creative spirit, executed meticulously using boutique design materials and matte black panels. Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a dramatic monochrome palette that sets a serious, professional tone, effortlessly softened with subtle warm undertones. The matte black panels serve as the office's primary architectural statement, forming bold partition walls and ceiling details that both define and unite the space. These panels create a visual language of solidity and precision, reminiscent of the architects' commitment to detail and the excellence of their craft.



130 m2 site
Completion Date:
Design & Project by Dian & Owen




Infused within this austerity is an array of boutique design elements, adding a layer of richness and intrigue. Locally sourced timber counters, hand-blown glass fixtures, and artisanal ceramic tilework form a contrast against the matte black surfaces. These materials' tactile qualities create a sensory interplay that invites touch, sparking conversation and nurturing connections among the office's inhabitants.

Before Construction


After Construction

The office layout has been thoughtfully reimagined to facilitate both collaboration and introspection. The black panels form a series of semi-open workstations, offering privacy without sacrificing the spirit of collaboration. These workstations, bathed in the soft, natural light pouring in through the tall, industrial-style windows, offer a serene space for focused work.


Meeting Area

Amidst this minimalist black-and-white composition, occasional splashes of greenery provide a soothing respite. Potted plants dot the space, forming visual punctuation points that add a touch of organic freshness. A particularly notable feature is the vertical garden on one of the matte black panels, transforming it into a living, breathing artwork that underscores the studio's commitment to sustainable practices.





By X Studio Architects

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